SUSTO Stories

SUSTO Stories

Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster

Fri, December 14, 2018

Doors: 9:30 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

The Creek Stage at The Rookery

Macon, GA


SUSTO Stories
SUSTO Stories
Blurb from Justin about the tour: "In the early days of SUSTO I was touring almost completely solo, and the shows had a vibe that was very personal and there was an environment that encouraged me to tell the stories behind my songs. In the past two years I’ve been able to do tours like this in Europe, but haven’t had a chance to do something similar in the US. This tour is meant to remedy that, and to recreate that atmosphere I used to love so much, that intimacy with the audience. I’m looking forward to being there again, and seeing what comes out."
Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster
Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster
Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster
Middle child.
Arkansas State Spelling Bee Champion 1996 & 1997.
AAA Member in fair standing.
8+ yrs dishwashing/short order experience.
20+ yrs hammering at songs, singing, playing guitar-most recently in Water Liars.
Hopefully, a friend.

In my mind, Constant Stranger stands as

An argument.
A reckoning.
A reconciliation.
Some kind of understanding.
Something reached by work and luck.With melody and language.
Another step on the road which fades behind as it runs ahead.
A home for memory, gratitude, acceptance, and regret.
Engine exhaust.
Brake dust.
A ship's wake.
A snake's skin.
A lover's sweat.
Blood dried brown.
A sliver of moon.
A strong wind.
The smell of a storm coming, a storm passed.
Fire, burnt to ash at dawn.
Evidence of what was.
Hope for what may be.


I was born
and I died
I don't remember anything else
a green river perhaps
a green tree
green eyes
and about this so much ado
such regrets about this

-Anna Kamieńska
Venue Information:
The Creek Stage at The Rookery
543 Cherry Street
Macon, GA, 31201